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“egg”nighters | Fire Starters

“egg”nighters | Fire Starters

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"egg"nighters | Fire Starters

Don't want the stress of starting a fire? Want to make your camping trip easier? Don't you LOVE that warm cozy feeling of a fire? 

These firestarters are just what you need to make firestarting a breeze! 

Each of our Soy Fire Starter Packs is made of:

  • natural soy wax
  • recycled pine wood shavings
  • cinnamon sticks/star anise
  • dehydrated orange slices
  • mini pinecones
  • rosemary sprigs
  • a lead free cotton wick
  • All Packaged in 100% recycled cardboard egg-carton.

How does it work?

This fun 6-pack of fire starters, packaged in an adorable half-egg carton makes a perfect gift. Simply cut out 1 egg cup, light the wick (or any part of the cardboard shell), and place in a fire pit with kindling on top. Each Cup burns for approximately 15 minutes.

Skip the paper and chemicals and start your fireplace or fire pit naturally.


Our firestarters are great for:

  • camping
  • backyard fires
  • dedicated wood burning fire pits
  • indoor fireplace/wood stove


CAUTION: Firestarters are NOT candles. DO NOT burn outside of fireplace or campfire! DO NOT use to start pits or grills that are used for food preparation. Check the owner's manual before burning in wood stoves. Keep FIrestarters out of reach of children and pets. All standard fire precautions should be used when using all Firestarters.

**This is NOT a candle and should NOT be used as one. **

**Exact look may vary based on season and availability of products**

What makes tailfeather + co different:

handmade | sustainable | reusable | recyclable | plastic-free | vegan | family-owned | women-owned | Hand crafted in small batches in Florida + Tennessee


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