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about the owners

Hi there! We're Sydney and Samantha and we are the young entrepreneurs who have brought tailfeather & co to you!


We're sisters! Sam is 27 and Sydney is 21.  We grew up just outside of Orlando, FL and relocated to Clarksville in 2020 after our parents sold our childhood home to pursue full time RV'ing!


The idea of owning a small business wasn't new to us as it is something we have been wanting to pursue for a long time. It felt like everyday growing up we were coming up with silly ideas to try and go after and make our career. From selling baked goods at garage sales, to slime cups, chapstick, lotions, artwork, t-shirt designs..... pretty much everything you could think of, we tried it!


We knew a small business was in the cards for us, but what was that going to be? Luckily, inspiration struck one day chatting with family friends of ours while traveling with our parents in their RV. That's how our terracotta candles were born!


where our name comes from

We picked the name tailfeather & co because we wanted something that had meaning to us. Our old street address that we grew up on was Tailfeather Court.

We sold our house in early 2020 and left all of that behind us. Except for the memories of course.

Our house was one that was always happy and we were always laughing together with our parents. Therefore, it was used as a tribute to the place we called home for many years.

We want to bring that same home and togetherness feeling into your home, and we believe we can achieve that with our candles.

all about tailfeather & co products

Our company was created out of COVID-19, like many others.
Our candles are made from 100% soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks. The fragrance oils that are infused, are non-toxic and produce an amazing scent throw that is guaranteed to fill your house with your fragrance.

With each candle purchase, you receive a seed packet and soil disc that you can to plant into your terracotta pot after your candle has fully melted, and watch it grow!

This is a great gift to give your family and friends if you are in the search of something affordable but high quality.


take a step into sustainability with us

We started this company with sustainability in the forefront of our minds.

Every day we are consciously trying to reduce our footprint on this earth in our personal lives and shop locally as much as we can.

Now we wanted to take the next step and help make a difference in other lives by providing a product that isn't wasteful and also doesn't cause any harm to the environment. That's how we differentiate ourselves from other candle companies.